buried with the bells

by andarctica

grateful 16:13
in burlap 11:38
at rest 12:23
at last 12:46


meditations with roaming bells,
recorded to tape in a close space

The Best New Ambient on Bandcamp: September 2019
"Amsterdam-based artist Brian Barth presents the follow-up to his debut record earlier this year with buried with the bells. These four tracks’ central sound is crafted around manipulated and timestretched bells, layered and interwoven upon a more basic pad foundation. The record’s primary appeal is in its minimalism, using a simple sonic foundation to construct vast soundscapes that come together in a stunningly cohesive way. Opening cut “grateful” is a potent mood-setter, presenting a desolate, droning landscape interspersed with discordant bells which prominently swell to life over the course of the track. By the time it draws to a close, it’s barely recognizable as the same track. The other three cuts follow a similar structure, allowing for Barth to flesh out a sonic vision that expands upon ordinary sounds in an extraordinary way." – Ari Delaney

tapes available at: rustedtonerecordings.bandcamp.com/album/buried-with-the-bells


released September 13, 2019

album art by emma mällinen
more music at namesforsounds.bandcamp.com


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andarctica Amsterdam, Netherlands

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